Thursday, September 24, 2009

.Lesson to learn.

peace be upon you,

3 qualities/attitudes that will insyaAllah see muslims unite

1) Sincerity
2) Humbleness
3) Ithar - not being selfish


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

.new niece.

.: Mu'adz welcomes the new niece in the family,  
niece (no name yet) this is world,
world meet my niece :

mabruk to kngah and abg iqhbal for th newborn baby,
a wonderful gift in this holy month,

p/s was told by abah, th new baby was given th name
Sarah Mahfuzah = th protected princess/th protected one, happy
hmm wondering safwa's reaction if she finds out someone is named a princess..
kakak princcessss ... 


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.today's video.

assalamualaikum (may peace be upon you)
sharing a video by th legendary nasyeed group
al:masaar, th video was made for a special reunion
for 3 of its members, Bro Mu'adz (solo artist),
Bro Hamzah (al-musafir) Bro Aziz.
Bro Hamzah will be flying to Hong Kong for a
business trip MoU with actor Jackie Chan..for a new
islamic martial arts movie next year..
a pioneer project in collaboration with bank negara...

nah..he's accompanying his wife Dr Siti Hajar pursuing
her specialization for 3 years there..

1st- Kau Umpama Mentari
(originally sung by 98 degrees)

2nd- Kesempatan Bertaubat

al:masaar webpage (


Sunday, September 6, 2009



alhamdulillah, arrived safely yesterday in london
local time 8.30 am, will be here untill 7 sep before
going back to dublin. The flight to dubai was relaxing indeed
as it was not fully occupied with passengers..

alhamdulillah kerana diberi kesempatan untuk berjumpa
family, teman2 lama,guru al-amin,join pre dep IMAM,
berbincang skett dgn beberapa wakil hebat alumni
moga semuanya bermanfaat dan diberkati
sedih juga xsmpat nak jumpa guru di usim serta beberapa individu
hmm semuanya kerana planning yg xkemas..
maaf dipinta  

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