Sunday, December 14, 2008


. Semester Break .
review : 3 months in dublin
final sem exam

hope that you are in your best of health insyaAllah.
Alhamdulillah I have completed my 1st sem of
pre med in rcsi, and now, apart of having our
semester break, students are preparing
for the final sem exams in January.
yes its that time again..

3 months in Dublin
Ireland ini terbahagi kpd 4 provinces Connaught, Munster, Ulster
& Leinster which is roughly, west, south, north, east. then there
are a number of counties in each province..
and dublin is in Leinster (an irish friend told me)..and they
have their own language which is irish gaelic..
tp widely spoken is english
I must say, gaelic ini agak unik..
orang2 disini kbanyakannya ramah,
hmm dublin merupakan antara bandar yg termahal
dkt europe..tapi ramai pelancong yg tetap dtg utk melawat
dan bershopping.. Grafton street merupakan antara tarikan
utama dkt dublin..semua kedai2 yg famous ade dkt grafton st
bersebelahan je..
one thing that I dislike most abt th people in dublin..
kebanyakan org2 dkt sini merokok..xkirala male or female
dari yg tua ke muda..ibu2 pon merokok dpn ank2 kecil
hmm..mmg mberi cth yg xsihat..ironinya, ireland mahupun
UK ant world leading in healthcare system...
(Grafton St yg sunyi ketika christmas)
nollaig shona duit (no-laig sho-na-dit)
mksudnya merry christmas

insyaAllah lepas habis exam bercadang utk jelajah
ireland..tgk pd ksempatan dan kcukupan duit hehe
nnt sambung lg psl dublin
owh ya saya baru sembuh dari demam..
tapi masih selsema dan batuk lg..cuaca x mnentu

moga Allah permudahkan urusan..
doa awal dan akhir thn mlm ni
p/s please make dua' for our brothers n sisters
n for those who fought in palestine


Sunday, December 7, 2008


sharing few pictures from
my group presentation recently.
the presentation was about
' Smoking: all done and dusted '
based on the article published by bmj
and it is one of the assignments given
in my course module.
There were 9 of us and I volunteered
myself along with 2 of my group members
khadija (kuwait) maria (half cuban n russian)
to deliver the presentation in front of
the examiners and my friends.

it was a good experience for me and my group members
throughout this entire group project starting
from organizing the meeting,searching for materials,

below is the comment from the lecturer for our group

These are personal comments and do not reflect the
opinion of the examiners.Firstly, well done on the
introduction. It was very impressive. The most
memorable presentations are those
that start with something you remember.The
timeline slide was also good was clear
and easy to understand.. Indeed, the mixture of
images, graphs and text worked very well.
I liked it a lot.You also seemed to attract the most
photographers while you spoke!!Well done again.

Eid Mubarak!