Tuesday, September 30, 2008


pic L to R (at klia with nephew n niece- jgn nakal,
2 boarding pass ticket)

pic L to R (view somewhere up on a dessert in india-
heading to london, touchdown in dublin)

Alhamdulillah I finally arrived in Dublin, it's been a week
now and I've started my first lecture on 1st of oct/1st syawal.
arrived in dublin on 27th of sep nearly 18pm due to weather
condition in heathrow,our flight was delayed
29th of sep marks my first step into RCSI, we had our
orientation & registration programme (a crucial phase before
we were officially declared as rcsi student)

pic L to R (rcsi studnt card,laptop,laptop hpcompaq)
well the purpose of the laptop is mainly for RCSI course
work, where they use a system called moodle. This is where
students can check their timetable,results,email (rcsi) etc.
selamat tinggal Malaysia,
willkommen DUBLIN


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Presenting ' JAUH ' (cut version)
performed by Mirwana

dedicated to my siblings,cres members,bro aziz,
friends,teachers, and to YOU


* credit to mirwana for producing this song


Wednesday, September 24, 2008



alhamdulillah dpt juga jumpa dgn b'berapa
org sebelum berangkat, guru2 al-amin,

(ust isha,ust idris,ust usman,ust soleh,ust abi yazid,
ust azhan,ust hasni,abg syarif,ust ayub,cg rosmalena,
cg zalina,cg arash,ust-ust baru,kakak2 di pjabat
mkck kantin,tp kecewa xdpt jumpa suma cg yg lain)

di JIM, (abg dhanny,ummiros,abg bai,abg wan am)
abg aziz tserempak dkt jln je dgn motornya..
(xsmpat gak nak rec)
dan bberapa hr sbelum tu..
jumpa lecturer & kwn di USIM
(cg arho,cg sham,cg ju,cg fatimah,cg faizah,cg latipah)

ada yg sudah mewasiatkn beberapa perkara kpd empunya diri

tp wasiat yg mmg niat nak mengusik drpd ust isha dan ust idris
hahha..kalo bceloteh dgn ust2 ni..alamatnya mmg xhabis
xkering gusi dibuatnya..asek tgelak je..
dan wasiatnya mcm biasala..kalo pg oversea ni msti byk
cabaran..jd utk 'mnetapkan diri knala 'combine' dua aura
atau duet ke (ni ayat ust ni, hasil brainwash b'berapa jam)
dlm bahasa mudahnya...K.A.H.W.I.N
hmm, diri mampu tersenyum dan meng'AMIN'kan
sahaja doa2 ust ni..

agaknya mankie pon hilang fokus psl kena
panahan kata2 ust ni

abg syarif,abg wan,abg dhanny,ummiros pon
ada wasiat..tp itu utk empunya diri xleh nak bkongsi


sekarang perasaan = macam-macam

* gmbr guru2 al-amin dicuri tnpa izin
dlm blog mankie..

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Monday, September 22, 2008

. time for change .

Alhamdulillah (praise and grateful to Allah),
it is for Him we still live and it is for Him that I'm
about to enter a new chapter in my life,

'' Unto those who are bent on denying the truth the
life of this world [alone] seems goodly; hence, they
scoff at those who have attained to faith: but they
who are conscious of God shall be above them on
Resurrection Day. And God grants sustenance unto
whom He wills, beyond all reckoning.

Indeed this rezeki was far beyond my imagination
and I am speechless,(referring to my SPM result)
studying overseas specifically pre medicine had never
crossed my mind. I recalled upon my matriculation days,
(frankly, doing matriculation in USIM is one of the
best moment in my life !). After my 1st semester exam,
(with the result which I could declare better than my SPM,okla)
I tried to gain a place in universities abroad, and
suddenly Ireland kept on haunting my mind (haha),
to my expectation RCSI suits my requirement
(note: I never knew about RCSI previously).
Never underestimate the power of du'a and prayers, even
when not performing my prayers, I kept on looking up in
the sky (as USIM,nilai is located near to KLIA) as every
aeroplane flew by, I hope that one day, I would be the one
who'll be boarding those planes. Alhamdulillah my du'a were
answered by ALLAH the Almighty, in 13th of march 2008,
I received a phone call confirming my interview with RCSI
representative will be held the next day,14th of march
(igt psl harijadi kwn)..
owh I had to prepare my personal statement (P.S)
before the call for the interview and it took me nearly a month+
to complete my P.S and had it to be reviewed by both my parents.
Nearly 3 months now, as I've been offered a place pursuing my
pre medicine(more likely foundation), and I'm preparing myself,
my new chapter in one of the prestigous university in Europe
that I would have never dreamt off.
alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah

this rezeki as big as it had yet happened to me,
it really needs a bigger sacrifice in advance

'' verily, with every hardship comes ease! ''

therfore, it's TIME FOR CHANGE !

abah & ummi, thank you for being so supportive
and understanding and help me through this
moment ! , to my siblings,teachers & friends
you've been outstanding for me

* a true story based on true experience from
the author himself.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

counting days

,saat itu makin hampir .
sudah mula berkemas-kemas,
(3 bag dan 1 bag galas)
dan selesaikan b'berapa perkara hari ini
baru beli 'stethoscope dan dissection kit'
(2 alat yg amat penting), xpernah t'lintas dlm minda,
bahawa aku akn memiliki dissection kit sndri..

dalam hari-hari t'akhir ini meRAJINkn diri
utk jumpa kwn2,dan guru2 di USIM (guru al-amin blom lg)
ada yg t'kejut xtahu psl k'berangkatan dan
ada juga yg simpati..

' bila fly ? '
' 26 sep insyaAllah '
' owh..x raya kat m'sia la.. '
' hmmm..'
' xleh minta tunda ke? '
' xleh,flight da book '
' xdptla nk hntar,cuti start 26
tp pg ade kelas lg, ptg bru xde
kalo 27 bole hntar '

abg aziz nya ayat lg best..
(lepas kekenyangan mkn pizza)

' fly bila '
' jumaat depan, 26 '
' alaa..26 abg nk dl
season baru heroes '

sedikit tambhn cerita, sdng kami sedap2 mkn pizza
di sebelah ada grup remaja yg sedang meraikan
hari jadi kwn mereka..wa kemain happy lg nyanyi
lagu ' selamat hr jadi '...sblom tu mnta,

perempuan, ' excuse me, ada lighter x ? '
saya, ' sorry, xde la '
kemudian saya dn abg aziz menambah
' non smoker '
dek keramahan kami..maka lepas mereka mkn2 ada la
lebihan kek yg dihadiahkan..

sekian dulu,

hunt for lailatul qadr you MUST !


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

. The Arrogant Creature .

Verily MANKIND has always been ARROGANT.

No matter how much wealth we posses, how high our status are, we will always STRUGGLE TO ANSWER these questions, even though we TRY VERY HARD TO HIDE it.

Where were we come from, why were we brought to this earth, where are we going from here

We can move our lips, uttering the answer to these questions, but in REALITY, we don’t really live as if we knew the answer.

We will remain in HEEDLESSNESS until DEATH STRIKES us, and only then the VEIL will be LIFTED UP and we will WITNESS the REAL MEANING OF LIFE.

“Pack up your luggage! Your TIME is UP”

Even BLOOD running out from our TEARS, there will be NO TURNING BACK. Just like a newborn baby, crying, wanting to be returned to the womb. How impossible.

.: copied from mus'ab's (my bro) blog


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

. new look .

I'm trying this new blogskin
feel free to comment on this new look

.: credits to freakyryo


Friday, September 5, 2008

. one day .


we sent kakak to klia, (she's flying back to london)

after nearly 2 months++ of summer holiday,

05.09.'08, around 10pm arrived & settled for check in process

her flight
- 12.55pm 06.09.'08 (today)
well, it means I'm left with 20 days before
my own personal day to depart..
(alhamdulillah,it's a dream come true..)

so how's your fasting and ibadah's going on ?
enjoy this video,
probably it reflects on some people
whether we gain the true meaning of fasting,
or we are among those ' al-khosiruun '
fasting has truly been a month of a test
for me personally.

(selamat berpuasa dr zahra raeesa)

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Monday, September 1, 2008

What Invalidates the Fast :.


found this article, do read for your understanding

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace

and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear brother in Islam, we commend your eagerness
to become well acquainted with Islam and its teachings,
which is the way Allah has chosen for the welfare of His servants.

In response to the question, Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr, former
head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee, states:

As regards fasting, Allah, Exalted be He, says:

(So hold intercourse with them and seek that which
Allah hath ordained for you, and eat and drink until
the white thread becometh distinct to you from the

black thread of the dawn. Then strictly observe the fast
till nightfall.
(Al-Baqarah: 187)

Also, it’s reported that one of the Prophet's Companions
told him: "I am ruined."
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)
asked him: "Why?" The man replied: "
I had sexual intercourse with my wife in the day of Ramadan."
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) then
explained to him how to expiate it.

Both the above-mentioned verse and hadith indicate that
fasting means abstaining from food, drink and sexual intercourse.
Thus, eating, drinking or having sexual intercourse invalidates
one's fasting. Jurists have unanimously agreed that he who commits
any of those three acts must make up for the fast-day he missed,
since that would be a debt, and
" a debt owed to Allah merits even greater consideration "

as was stated in an authentic hadith. Additionally,
having sexual intercourse requires grand expiation, namely
freeing a slave. If a Muslim is unable to do so, he is to fast two
consecutive months. If he is still unable to, he is to feed sixty poor people.

Jurists differ on the exact definition of food and drink.
Some scholars maintain that eating and drinking involve
anything reaching the interior of one's body. Yet, they differ
as to whether "anything" is to be understood in a general sense
or is intended to mean something in particular, including food
and fulfilling one's lusts. They also differ on the meaning of
"interior" : does it mean one's stomach which receives food
and drink or the parts of the human body that cannot be seen
when looking at him or that organ which digests food and medicine?
Consequently, some hold that placing one's finger inside one's
ear invalidates fasting. Conversely, some of them are also of the
view that when food manages to find its way to the body,
not through an open tract, such as with the aid of needles,
one's fasting is not invalidated. Others point:
Should any substance reach the throat from beneath the hair,
through the pores, one's fasting is invalidated, despite the
fact that this is an unconventional channel? On the other hand,
some of them state: Inserting a syringe into the urethra does
not break one's fast, although the latter is an open tract.
Not taking into consideration the true significance of fasting and
relying on a generalized concept of food that included things distant
from the literal and customary meaning of the term, those jurists
issued such varied rulings.

However, of all the famous jurists' views, I select only the following:

1. Fasting is not invalidated on account of placing one's
finger inside one's ear, or because of cleaning it with a cotton
pad or a solution, since nothing can permeate the ear drum and
reach the head, which, in turn, is not an organ that receives food
which nourishes the body.

2. Fasting is not broken by vaginal examination, examination
of piles or tonsils using a spoon or things of the sort.

3. An enema does not invalidate fasting unless the tool
reaches the stomach.

4. Fasting is not invalidated by intravenous, intra-muscular or
subcutaneous injections, since they do not provide one with food
or drink that satisfies hunger or quenches thirst.

5. Nutritive injections, such as glucose injections and the like,
are conventionally regarded as food that does break one's fast.
Whoever takes nutritive injections can do without food for a long
time as they satisfy hunger the way food does. This is in effect
because when food is digested and absorbed, it is circulated in
the blood to the entire body to meet its needs. Alternatively,
nutrition could be directly injected into the blood without necessarily
passing through the alimentary canal.

6. Cooling off the body with cold water or the mouth by gargling
does not invalidate fasting since the
Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was seen pouring water
on his head in the blistering heat while he was fasting.
This was narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawud and An-Nasa'i.
This is because cooling off the body does not involve the water
reaching the stomach. It merely aims at stopping perspiration in
order to retain the water in the body so as to reduce thirst.

7.Vomiting: It is reported that the
Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) said:
"Whoever is overcome and vomits, is not to make up for
the fast day, and whoever vomits intentionally must make
up for the fast day."
Jurists maintain that vomiting is the coming
out of substances from the stomach through the mouth. If vomiting
takes place accidentally, it does not break fasting. If it is deliberate,
one's fasting is broken.

may Allah's guidance be with us !