Monday, July 14, 2008

.KMB | Dari ISAC.

.19th of JULY.

Venue : Kolej MARA Banting

Time : 8.30 pm - 11.00 pm

a night of ' Discovering arts, revealing Islam '

perfomance by munawwar jr, munawwar senior
n .crescendo.
and a short drama by
KMB students (two thumbs up!)

we arrived around 6.50 nearly 7.00 pm for sound check
and later that night we were given two slots (10 minutes each)
performing marhaban (an opening just to clear our throats)
pagi yg cerah (snada), pasrahkan diri (snada) - 1st slot

semalam (boyzIImen,yesterday), anugerah yg indah (gradasi)
and innovation - 2nd slot

overall it was a good experience for us,although the audience
wasn't quite familiar with the songs (psl byk sumbang kot..)
except for innovation n semalam.

our gratitudes for KMB's team,ammar roslizar,asma' nasir
for giving us the oppurtunity to perform that night
(it has been quite a long time,performing on a stage)
and vip's.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

.: this month :.

What's so special about it,,
yeah yeah I know it's my BIRTHDAY
well apparently some of the people
whom I know were born in this month too,
That's what makes it so Special

listing the names

Ammar Faris (al-amin)
Zakwan Zainuddin (iic)
Hajar Nordin (al-amin)
makcik Rukiah (athirah's mom)
Ust Abd Aziz (ust yg mngajar b.arb di sek ren)
Khairiyah Kamarudin (al-amin)
Umair Abdul Samad (al-amin)
Ain (athirah's younger sis)
Raihana (athirah's younger sis)
Safwa Tahir (al-amin, skarang di london )
Ahmad Nabeil Alias (USIM)
Ahmad Fathi Zuhaili Abdul Rahim (al-amin)
Bro Mu'adz ( he's a SOLO artist,
his wedding reception is on his birthday haha..
a very special present indeed

therefore, I hereby wish to all of the name listed
and probably to others
whom I'm not inform of their birthday,
a happy anniversary for our birthday,
may HE prolong our life,
widened our 'rezeki' (what do we call it in English),
be a humble and obedient servant,
succeed in this life and the Hereafter
InsyaALLAH .Amin.

besides, this month of July happen to be
the beginning of REJAB (according to Islamic calendar)
so, RAMADHAN it's near my friend
let's upgrade our ibadah
preparing for the Holy month to come
do the MUST !
a reminder for ME n for others

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